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Why join a coding Bootcamp if the internet is full of tutorials?

Why join a coding Bootcamp if the internet is full of tutorials?

Published on 11-04-2019

I love to code. I have since middle school. For years I was on my own on the internet, digging through tutorials and teaching myself how to write small games or develop iOS apps, but I always did it for fun, for the sake of it.

Then one day I had an idea, an idea I truly believed in and wanted to turn into a product. Suddenly I had a reason to stop playing around and become serious about it. I’m the type of guy who used to think I can do everything on my own, and that the Internet is all I would need to reach a professional skill level. For the next few months I spent my nights and weekends learning, and coding away at my app. I was making progress and for a while things looked good.

But soon I started to realise that I was doing things in an ineffective way. I had picked the wrong technologies to build my app because I didn't know any better on my own. Motivation started to be a problem as well, as it’s harder to put in all the work if you don’t share the burden with someone else. I suddenly realised that I would not succeed and I needed a change of plan. That’s how I found SIT Academy and my life changed.

The point is that learning on your own you can become excellent at writing the most elegant classes, the most concise recursion and one-liners but that is not what will turn you into an effective web or software developer.

What will make you ready to take on a job as a developer is knowing how to deal with complexity, and in the typical project that complexity doesn’t lie in the code itself, but in the baffling and sometimes paralysing amount of languages, frameworks, tools and development approaches you can choose from, and have to work with.

Getting a handle on all the options that are out there can realistically only happen if you are immersed in the ecosystem and are guided through the full process of developing a project at least once, by someone who knows it already. Once you have seen one possible choice of technology stack you will be able to branch out again, also on your own.

At SIT Academy the curriculum is tailored to get you through this process, so that by the end of it you are truly ready for the job market, because you already have experienced how things really work out there.

If you just want to code for fun you can keep on playing around on Udemy and CodeAcademy or join a mediocre bootcamp that makes you pay for that same content.

But if you are serious about turning coding into a career, join us at SIT Academy. 

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