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Consulting and Project development

Technology is moving fast and bringing lots of opportunities for companies, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Finding the right specialists and expertise, however, is also becoming increasingly difficult. We offer consulting and project development in these areas.


Sometimes a project requires more sophisticated features and a higher level of expertise, corresponding to a longer involvement and duration. Our experienced staff of seniors and influencers do not just teach cutting-edge technologies and concepts, they also apply them! The projects we work on and the efforts we make in placing students in key industry roles gives us a complete “birds-eye-view” on what it takes to make a project successful.

Technologies we work with

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Visualization, NLP

  • Machine Learning Deployment

  • Big Data Engineering

  • React.js, Docker, Django, Python

  • More ...


Some of the companies we have consulted and delivered projects to



Donor platform for skin reproduction


(Data Science)

Document classification and deduplication



PDF annotation tool for financial services


(Full-Stack/Data Science)

AI-driven mobile app for butterfly recognition

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