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Located in Zurich, Munich, and remote, SIT Academy is a coding and data science academy offering a variety of full-time, part-time, and corporate programs to motivated learners looking to enhance their careers with technology.

Our mission

We give people new professional opportunities by unleashing their hidden potential and turning them into the effective software developers and data scientists the industry so desperately needs. SIT Academy graduates live the dream of the digital revolution by learning the tools to build tomorrow's disruptive technologies.

Our methods

Through a hands-on and project-based approach, our teaching methods consists of a combination of lectures and follow-on exercises. With a strong industry focus, our programs are designed to simulate a real-work environment, from the technologies we teach, the team-work between students, to the projects they work on. Every module ends with a project so that students use what they learned. The final Capstone Project is done in collaboration with industry.

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Our team

Team Member

Laurent Meyer

CEO and Board of Directors
Ever since his childhood, Laurent has lived and breathed IT and entrepreneurship. His passion is to ...
Team Member

Daniele Roncaglioni

Ever since Daniele coded his first game while in high school, the passion for programming has never ...
Team Member

Daniela Meier

In addition to her MBA at the University of St.Gallen, Daniela worked in a wide variety of marketing...
Team Member

Marianne Petitpierre

Business Development Manager
Marianne brings 20 years of experience in executive education and is a strong believer in upskilling...
Team Member

Ruben Villalon

Full-Stack Program Manager & Instructor
With an extensive background and experience in Banking and Finance, Ruben needed a change and decide...
Team Member

Badru Stanicki

Data Science Program Manager & Instructor
With a Masters in Physics, Badru got into scientific programming and Data Science during his time at...
Team Member

Mai Kraemer

Business Coordinator
Mai knows people! After several years in the hospitality industry, she kept hearing all this stuff a...
Team Member

Cedric Delacombaz

Software Developer & Instructor
Cedric had previously worked as carpenter, clerk, travel agent and financial accountant. Each profes...
Team Member

Dr. Marie Bocher

Data Science Consultant
Marie has 7 years of experience in developing, deploying, and teaching machine learning and statisti...
Team Member

Albin Plathottathil

Data Science Consultant
Soon after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Albin found his interest in working...
Team Member

Livia Schmid

Marketing Assistant
Livia is creative, full of ideas, and thirsty for knowledge. During her commercial apprenticeship, s...
Team Member

Dipanjan Sarkar

Lead Data Scientist & Instructor
Dipanjan (DJ) is a Lead Data Science Consultant & Instructor, leading advanced analytics efforts aro...

Teaching assistants

Team Member

Francesco Burchielli

Teaching Assistant - Full-Stack
After graduating from the University of St.Gallen, Francesco went on to work in the financial indust...
Team Member

Angela Niederberger

Teaching Assistant - Data Science
Angela holds a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development and worked with data in the non-profit sec...
Team Member

Marcus Lindberg

Teaching Assistant - Data Science
Starting his career in clinical immunotherapy research, Marcus was exposed to the pressing need for ...

Advisors and Board of Directors

Team Member

Prof. Dr. Markus Gross

Markus is Professor of Computer science at ETH Zürich, head of its Computer Graphics Laboratory, dir...
Team Member

Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand’s inventions in theories, techniques, notations and tools for software quality have had a m...

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Why study in Zurich?

The biggest city in Switzerland and also the most international one. Its diversity is felt throughout, whether along the lake or the shopping mile. Zurich is at the center of Europe, with quick train connections to surrounding countries and direct flights to major European cities. Our students love the Swiss transportation system, delicious tap water, and nature. Zurich’s main attraction is its lake, with picture-perfect views of the mountains.


Why study in Munich?

A financial powerhouse and global city, making it the economic heart of southern Germany. Centrally located, take advantage of quick train connections to surrounding countries and direct flights to major European cities. If you enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and never-ending things to discover, Munich is right for you.