Data Scientist

Data Science Bootcamp

Become a Data Scientist in 12 weeks by acquiring the required knowledge in Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP. Solve an industrial data problem for the Capstone project. Attend in-person or remote.

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12 Weeks


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Program overview

Learn the most in-demand skills

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to contain the most up-to-date tools currently in-demand on the job market.

Develop your own portfolio

For 3 months, you will have the chance to work on different projects and to showcase your work to potential employers.

Apply what you learned

For the last 4 weeks, you will work together in small teams on your final Capstone project, allowing you to put into practice the key learnings from the teaching weeks. The program ends by presenting your work in front of a large audience on the final evening.

Career support

Your success is our success! We are here to work with you on finding your dream job. We will coach you, share tips and tricks on the job search strategy, give you advice for your next job interview, and connect you with potential hiring companies.

Choose your location

Click on your preferred location to see the corresponding course offering. Simply choose between our on-site locations or opt for a remote course and participate from anywhere in the world.

What you'll learn

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to contain the most up-to-date tools demanded by the job market. This is what makes our Data Science Bootcamp so innovative and what will enable you to take the next step in your career.

Get ready for the course

Free Data Science intro course

Free of charge

Learn about Python, the data science project lifecycle, and practice on a real-world data science problem in this free self-paced online tutorial. By completing this course, you will gain a better understanding of the Data Science world and increase your chances of being accepted into the Bootcamp.

Estimated time to complete: 15 hours

Students say

Tiffany Carruthers

Tiffany Carruthers

Data Science

"After completing the Bootcamp, I was able to land a job through SIT’s professional network."

BeforeData Engineer

AfterData Engineer at Axpo

Lina Siegrist-Choo

Lina Siegrist-Choo

Data Science

"I can definitely say that I might not be able to achieve my career plan without joining SIT Academy."

BeforePostdoctoral Researcher

AfterJunior Data Engineer at Nestlé

Jean Coupon

Jean Coupon

Data Science

"I particularly appreciated the attention the SIT team paid to the students, during the training but also afterwards, when there is a crucial need for support to find a job."

BeforeResearcher Astrophysics

AfterData Scientist at Pictet Group

Application process

Apply to the program

Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile

First motivational interview with SIT Academy

Prepare for the technical interview

Pass the technical interview

Pay a deposit to secure your spot

Complete your preparation work before the Bootcamp starts



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